Our Pricing Promise




As a valued customer you may have become aware that LP’s of unspecified condition are being offered on the Internet at what appears to be extremely low prices.This has reminded us of a quote by John Ruskin:“There is nothing in this world that someone cannot supply a little worse and sell a little cheaper. Anyone who considers price alone is this man¹s lawful prey”Having said that, we appreciate that everyone loves a ‘bargain’ provided it is genuine. It is our own love of genuinely good deals that prompted us some two years ago to introduce our U WIN PRICING PROMISE. This pricing policy which is repeated below is so designed that you are completely protected from paying more than you need to for records of specified quality and condition.You are actually guaranteed that for LP’s of stated quality the price you pay is the lowest published price available.“THE U WIN PRICING PROMISE” ©In arriving at our prices we believe they are both fair and competitive. However, it would be unrealistic for us to assume that errors and/or miscalculations have not occurred.Where such mistakes are in your favour, we do not seek any recompense. It is only fair that we must pay for our own mistakes. On the other hand we realise that if, having made a purchase from us, you subsequently discover that you could have purchased an identical record in similar condition from our competitors for less, you would be understandably annoyed.

Here is “The U Win Pricing Promise” ©If at any time within thirty days of purchase you subsequently find that you could have purchased an identical record of similar quality and condition from another British dealer for less than you have paid us, we will refund the difference in price in full, or apply 100% of the balance to your next purchase. The choice is yours! To avoid any delay in claiming your refund, please send us the catalogue in which the lower price has been published, indicating the item(s) in question. On receipt, we will mail you our cheque for the difference, plus your postage costs.

We regret that claims without a complete catalogue cannot be accepted.There you have it. A simple straightforward promise that our lawyers, accountants and competitors wish we wouldn’t make but we do so simply because we believe that it continues to strengthen those bonds of trust that are rooted in integrity with the most important people in the world. Our customers!This pricing promise is now in its seventh year and to the best of our knowledge remains unchallenged. It is likely to remain unchallenged because we have the courage to promise you that you need never pay more than the lowest published price for any record of similar quality that you purchase from us.Thank you for entrusting us with your record purchases.Jonathan J. Kustow           CLASSIC CHOICECopyright Jonathan J. Kustow 1996. ‘The U Win Pricing Promise’© is the intellectual property of Jonathan J. Kustow trading as CLASSIC CHOICE